Canon EOS 350D

Canon EOS 350D 64bit Driver Problem

First of all, before you go any further, you will not be able to find a driver download anywhere on the internet for the Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT.  The workaround described below will at least let you access your images through your camera USB connection if you don’t already have a compact flash (CF) card reader to hand…

After years of struggling to get full control over my photographs using a cheap point and shoot digital cameras, I decided to purchase a second-hand Canon 350D / Digital Rebel XT as an affordable entry into the digital SLR realm.

I’m pleased with the camera its self, but disappointment came my way when trying to connect the camera to my laptop running Windows 7 64-bit.

With the 350D set to “PC Connect” in the cameras settings menu and attaching it directly to my laptop via the USB cable, resulted in the message “Device driver software was not installed successfully.” After a quick search, I found that switching the USB communication setting to “Print/PTP” allowed Windows 7 to at least see the camera as a drive, allowing me to gain access to the images stored on the card. This workaround is all well and good but renders the remote shoot function redundant, and this is something I can/will have to live without.

After seeing old posts on forums relating to this problem, from what I can see up until now there has been no attempt on Canon’s behalf to bringing out a 64-bit compatible driver. This makes me think that Canon’s after sales support may not be all that. I know there is no issue with the newer models of this camera, but if I do find my self in the future wanting to upgrade to a more modern digital SLR, I may have just been persuaded to seriously consider a Nikon over Canon.

13 thoughts on “Canon EOS 350D 64bit Driver Problem

  1. peter

    You need to change the camera’s USB connection mode from “PC” to “Print/PTP” in camera setting menu. After that it should be recognized by Windows 7 without drivers

  2. DavidC

    That trick (in comment above) works for transferring files, but not for the best feature, which was tethering.

    I agree with main article… their post-sales (and software development) is just terrible. I’ve bought Canon lenses, flashes, and other accessories but I can’t see why I should stick with them if they can’t write a driver to hold me over while I save up for one of their EXPENSIVE cameras. Hello Nikon or Sony!

  3. Adam

    I would highly recommend purchasing a compact flash card reader, rather than struggling with the relatively slow transfer rates you get using the direct camera to PC USB connection.

  4. Alan

    I agree wholeheartedly. I bought a 60D and wanted to dedicate my old 350D to tethered microscope use. I found the Print/PTP option but it is the tethereing that is the problem.
    Is there any other non-Canon software out there?

  5. Adam

    @Alan I shouldn’t imagine there is any 3rd party software out there that can get round the problem due to the driver been the root of the problem, although saying this I haven’t looked into it in great detail.

  6. Gox

    Except 350d I have even bigger problem with Canon. They did not write driver for expensive one professional xlh1 video camera and Console software for remote shooting (also expensive one) They left us stuck with XP which is impossible to install on new laptops. Buying Nikon!! Its to risky to have such a experiences again.

  7. Sword & Arrow

    Huge problems for Canon Rebel 350D users, in my case I bought the full works with extra lenses and ignored the fact I hardly ever use a camera except on holidays. No one would imagine that Canon would scrap this camera by withdrawing software upgrades to make it compatible with future use and picture programs. Another whammy is Google promoting the highly unpopular Google Pictures program and scrapping the highly popular “Picasa picture program.” Picasa appear to be blocking the use of *USB MEMORY CARD READERS*. Before anyone jumps in and states change your camera to PRINT/PTP option, we have tried it, we had 2 card readers that did not work on Picasa, so we bought 2 more newer Windows 10 readers and they do not work. We spent $1300 blue-collar dollars buying the Canon 350d, its still like new, and only the CANON REBEL in the pack was the Canon Corporation itself.

  8. Nikola


    I’m in the same boat… I’ve tried numerous ways to get the tethering to work without any luck. Transferring photos is fine but i was looking to use that feature. A friend of mine has an even older Nikon; and without any headache i was able to remotely control the camera through my computer. Super disappointing.

  9. Mark Casto

    I wrote to cannon about this issue there response was absolutely useless they clearly don’t give a dam if you own a 350d and can’t use it on a 64bit system as far as they are concerned its tough luck by a new camera terrible customer support and a big thumbs down from me and every other 350d owner.


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