Is LOVEFiLM Worth it?

When I cast my mind back to when I first started renting movies, it summons up a mental image of my old local video rental store. This was no fancy franchise video store – brightly lit with flat screens playing the latest movie trailers, offering over priced confectionary to compliment your latest rental.

This was a pokey and poorly lit room policed by a boss eyed, chain-smoking old lady. She would peer at you over her wooden counter covered in threats of curses and painful death upon late returns, losses and damages.

This was an Aladdin’s cave of dusty wall to wall shelves covered with over sized black plastic VHS and Betamax cases, which could possibly be used as a flotation device in a watery emergency. New releases were on the squeaky rotating shelf in the middle of the room, horror and XXX were placed closely to the old dear to avoid young eyes getting too close for a good look. The rest of the shelves were covered in movies dating back to Eadweard Muybridge horse named Occident.

This store truly was a young film lover’s paradise, even if it was a little rough around the edges. Sadly due to what some people would call progress, a certain franchise video rental store came into town undercutting prices and offering shiney disks in slim line cases. This had an inevitable and devastating effect on the little video shop which eventual had to shut shop and the little old lady disappeared into the smokey ether. Funnily enough this franchise moved out-of-town a year or so later, most probably due to its small selection of recent movies.

Many moons later there is still no video rental shop in my town, but along came LOVEFiLM offering the ease and flexibility to rent or even watch a movie from the comfort of my laptop. Hey, maybe it’s no replacement for my old video rental store and I truly think there never will be, but it’s the next best thing. There’s a good balance between new big budget movies and the lesser know foreign and older movies.

I started off on the lowest tariff two movies a month for £3.99 – a couple of quid each, you can’t go wrong. I know that’s not much but with a hectic family life this is about as many films I get to sit down and watch in peace in one month. There’s an option for everyone and every budget and currently they are offering a two-week free trial. So if you’re not already a member and love to watch a good film in the comfort of your own home, what you waiting for, give it a go.


5 thoughts on “Is LOVEFiLM Worth it?

  1. Sarah Carling

    Don’t forget their new streaming service too, I’ve been loving this recently as it’s usually under £4 to stream a film any time within 48 hours of rental. Still much easier than dragging myself to the rental shop and risking late fees (which I always used to get because i’m just generally rubbish at remembering to return things – which reminds me, I have 3 library books to return!)

  2. Chris

    “Many moons later there is still no video rental shop in my town”

    To be fair they probably don’t think anyone in Pateley has a DVD player.


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