Author: Adam Lewin

The Shogun - D.M Racing

Day Out at York Raceway Drag Racing Strip

So I finally popped my drag racing spectator cherry this last bank holiday weekend. Over this year drag racing has really pricked my interest, I have an inkling it has something to do with all the American car restoration programs that seem to be on TV recently.

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VW Golf Tsi Mk5

VW Mk5 Golf TSi Engine & Timing Chain Problem

So I have an Mk5 Golf TSi GT Sports 1.4 (140) 2008 which has covered roughly 48K miles… If you have a car with a VAG twin charged 1.4 TSi engine its worth you read on. I bought it second hand from an independent garage and owned it around 18 months, covered 11K miles and […]

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Larwin Eagle

Davao Crocodile Park

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B&W Ink Abstract

Foundation Art Work

The majority of my paintings and drawings were created during my years at art college during the 90’s when I had all day to be creative. These days there’s not much art work going on, as I don’t seem to get much time in-between work and family commitments. The closest I get to been creative now is […]

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Canon EOS 350D

Canon EOS 350D 64bit Driver Problem

First of all, before you go any further, you will not be able to find a driver download anywhere on the internet for the Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT.  The workaround described below will at least let you access your images through your camera USB connection if you don’t already have a compact […]

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Is LOVEFiLM Worth it?

When I cast my mind back to when I first started renting movies, it summons up a mental image of my old local video rental store. This was no fancy franchise video store – brightly lit with flat screens playing the latest movie trailers, offering over priced confectionary to compliment your latest rental.

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